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Halo Balm By {Belmacz}

Halo Balm

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    • Siobhan
      Lovely smell, can be subtle or more obvious
      This is a decent product, with a lovely delicate rose scent, and a very subtle effect if you mix it with your moisturiser as suggested. It's a good deal more obvious if you use it neat as a highlighter, but it tended to irritate my skin when I used it like this. Even though my skin can be quite oily, it didn't make it worse, which a lot of facial products can do. A bit pricey for the effect, but a nice treat or present.
    • Elpie
      A touch of sparkle
      I don't wear very much makeup... I don't like the feel of foundation on my skin. But a dab of this on the cheeks and lips makes you feel like you have made a bit of an effort and adds a subtle sheen that somehow transforms your look in an instant. Even if you 'don't do' gold, this is one gold product that's universally acceptable. And wearing gold leaf just sounds quite cool, no?

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  • Halo can be used on the face and body. It's a great as a moisturising lip balm or brow and cheekbone highlighter. Hot tip: If you mix a dollop into your regular moisturiser, it creates a great all-over highlighter.